Yamaha waverunner fuel pump problems

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Yamaha waverunner fuel pump problems

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For a better experience, please enable JavaScript in your browser before proceeding. Troubleshoot Fuel Delivery Problems : low revs, bogging, surging.

Status Not open for further replies. Do you have any of these symptoms on your carbureted 2-stroke engine? Hopefully your use of the search feature in seadooforum. First: confirm you already put new, clean, and properly gapped plugs and confirmed there is spark to BOTH cylinders. The hose breaks down internally and the residue accumulates in the filters.

I will break this up into two approaches since not everyone is up for a full fuel system rehabilitation and not everyone is satisfied with piece-meal fixes.

Choose what is right for you. Easy, but limited chance of success guide: 1. Clean out spin on fuel filter. Make sure the o-ring is there. Don't use carb cleaner or you will dissolve the filter's fiber mesh.

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Try running your boat on RES - this would point to a clogged fuel selector valve. Remove the fuel selector valve and clean it out with carb cleaner.

yamaha waverunner fuel pump problems

Change to new spark plugs. You should have already done that. Pull spark plug wire from boot. Reinstall to the boot and ziptie it back on. Make sure your carbs' high speed adjuster is set to fully closed clockwise zero. Set low speed adjusters to fully closed clockwise, then turn counterclockwise specific turns to your engine.

Use the idle screw to set idle speed only - do not use low speed adjusters to set idle speed. Remove all grey fuel hose if you still have it and replace with black automotive fuel hose.

The grey stuff breaks down on the inside and clogs the carbs' internal filters. Get 25 feet of it and about 30 stainless steel 04 hose clamps Remove the carbs and disassemble for cleaning the internal filters.Remember Me? Sea Doo. Jet Boat. Blacktip Jetsports. Riding Gear. Trailer Parts. Gift Certificates. Need help. Jet Ski Lanyards. Jet Ski Traction Mats. PWC Seat Covers. PWC Covers. PWC Dry Bags.

Jet Ski Boarding Steps. Page 1 of 2 1 2 Last Jump to page: Results 1 to 10 of Thread: 95 WaveRaider wont start in water??? Thread Tools Show Printable Version. Need help Have a yamaha triple that when put into water wont start once in the water.

Also can i use a fuel system water remover like Heet or will that cause damage maybe i have bad gas in the tank i dunno thanks for your help guys it is very much appreciated.

JetSki Solutions.

yamaha waverunner fuel pump problems

Re: 95 WaveRaider wont start in water??? Need help If the carbs have not been serviced in the last years, then you should rebuild them.

You should replace the fuel pump at the same time FYI, the fuel pumps are not worth rebuilding, based on cost of rebuild kit VS new pump.

Change or backflush the fuel filter, service the water trap and replace the fuel tank check valve. This will put the fuel delivery system in shape While the carbs are off Alcohol IE hydroscopic compound based fuel treatments may damage the internal carbs parts.Last Updated on September 2nd, Even if you take proper care of your WaveRunnerfaults may occur.

To diagnose the fault, you can find the official Yamaha WaveRunner fault codes here. There could be several reasons why a WaveRunner is not starting. The simplest and most common fault is when the shut-off clip is not properly attached or the tank is empty.

Other common reasons could be electrical issues like malfunctions with the battery, spark plugs, fuses, or wires. Gas can also be contaminated or gone stale over time, which can lead to a clogged fuel line and injectors. Your WaveRunner will also not start in case of a starter motor fault. Beyond these typical malfunctions, there could also be many other issues with your WaveRunners of course. These fall into four main categories:. The possible reasons for this may be as follows:.

Throttle and RiDE level faults. Solution: Never try to start your WaveRunner with a squeezed lever! Release the throttle as well as the RiDE lever and try starting the engine again. Another issue could be if the levers have malfunctions. Inspect and fix them if they are broken. Spark plugs. Solution: Remove and inspect the spark plugs carefully, as they can be defective or fouled.

This is because gas can evaporate from the carburetors, leaving the oil behind. The next time you try to start the engine, the extra oil in the carburetors may cause too rich a mixture, resulting in spark plug malfunctions.

Solution: If your tank is empty just fill it up and try starting the engine again. Siphon all of the old fuel out and fill the tank up with fresh gas. To prevent such cases always add stabilizer to the gas before the off-season, or if you are not going to use your craft for a while. Carburetor or fuel injection system issues. Solution: On 2-stroke WaveRunners carburetors can cause a lot of headaches, as you have to adjust them again and again.

Moreover, you should carefully check the entire fuel line.

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Engine malfunctions. First, try reading the fault code to determine the fault, or take the WaveRunner to your dealer. But sometimes when you do this, your WaveRunner runs irregularly or gets bogged down. Fuel issues. Make sure there are sufficient quantities of fresh gas in the tank, as stale or contaminated gas may cause various malfunctions. Another important factor is the octane of the gas. Keep in mind that using a different octane fuel than your WaveRunner requires can also lead to misfires, or in the worst case, serious malfunctions!

Spark plugs and wiring.

Problems with NEW Yamaha waverunners

If the spark plugs are fouled or defective in your WaveRunner, not only can they prevent starting but they can also lead to other malfunctions. Inspect and replace the spark plugs if necessary.

Additionally, check the electrical wiring and the connectors. Fuel injection system or carbs.Forums New posts Search forums. What's new New posts New media New resources Latest activity. Media New media New comments Search media. Resources Latest reviews Search resources. Members Current visitors. Log in Register. Search titles only. Search Advanced search…. New posts. Search forums. Log in.

JavaScript is disabled. For a better experience, please enable JavaScript in your browser before proceeding. Thread starter Crystal Start date Aug 12, Crystal Recruit. Joined Aug 12, Messages 1. Hello everyone, I have a 97 GP and I am getting no fuel to the carbs. From what info I have gathered so far, the "pump" is a diaphragm built onto each carb Whenever you replace the fuel filter it in turn fills up with gasoline again.

This could possibly be the cause of a bad diaphram, but also, I have read if the diaphram is bad fuel will leak out. Would I be able to see the fuel leaking into the carbs? I don't see anything All help is appreciated! Joined Nov 29, Messages 2, Re: Yamaha GP fuel problems Is this a new problem?

How long have you had the unit and when did this start? While the most likely culprit seems to be the carbs, and working through those would not be a waste of time, you are also reliant on free flow from the tank, though the filter and then the return trip to the tank.Remember Me? Sea Doo.

yamaha waverunner fuel pump problems

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Jet Ski Boarding Steps. Results 1 to 9 of 9. Thread Tools Show Printable Version. It has spark but is not getting fuel. I put a small amount of fuel in the cylinder and it fired right up.

Any help troubleshooting the fuel problem will be greatly appreciated. I do not have the gauges installed. Is it possible these are needed to complete an electrical connection for the pump? Check your fuel filter to make sure it's not clogged.

These are the two most common and easiest fixes.

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Re: GPR - Fuel Problem There is a procedure in the manual for by passing gauges for testing,atleast on a 98 GP you have to put power to a wire. Re: GPR - Fuel Problem After checking the service manual, the fuel filter will be easy to check and I will do so and update tomorrow. However it seems that gas is not even leaving the tank.

Yamaha WaveRunner Fuel Consumption Specs

I've tried the shutoff on on, off in case it were backwardsand reserve. In each scenario, I pinched the fuel lines but it did not feel as if any gas were leaving the tank. Re: GPR - Fuel Problem It's a pretty simple fuel setup, however it's under little to no "pressure" so I'm not sure you'd "feel" it in the lines. If you want you should be able to disconnect the line off of the fuel filter and suck some fuel out pretty easily with something like a MityVac.

If you find that gunked up, make sure you go through the carbs as they probably are too I see that there is a filter in the bottom of the fuel sensor assembly. Is it possible that this needs to be replaced? I've been trying to remove it from the tank but so far; no luck. I'll need to remove the hood before trying it again.Last Updated on May 28th, As gas prices have constantly grown over the years, many owners and buyers pay attention to the Yamaha WaveRunner fuel consumptions specs.

Personal watercrafts PWCs are famous for burning tons of gas; you can expect to use gallons of gas in a single hour if you ride them aggressively! But first, take a short look at the factors that can affect these numbers! Unlike cars which run at the same speed for many miles, the use of a PWC is very mixed. You sometimes only ride them at idle speeds, sometimes you perform aggressive accelerations, and sometimes you even ride at full throttle for a while.

The more equipment on you, or if you ride with passengers will also require more gas! The rule of thumb is that the higher displacement and more performance means higher fuel consumption numbers.

As Yamaha WaveRunners arrive in different categories by their performance, size and features, we can check and compare these families by their performance and fuel consumption! All of these models are equipped with the same cc, four-stroke engine, that offers HP depending on the model. But as these engines are still only cc, you can expect slightly higher gas consumption like on a Rec-Lite model, which means gallons at best cruise speedand gallons at full throttle.

The only exception in the Recreation category is the Yamaha FX Cruiser HOas this model has a larger, cc non-supercharged engine. Thanks to the bigger displacement, you can expect better performance HP and higher fuel consumption as well on this model. The non-supercharged models all offer HP performance uniformly, which means they will burn more or less the same amount of gas like the FX Cruiser HO. Are you wondering which WaveRunners use the most of gas? This means they burn around gallons at best cruise speed; if you go with full speed, they can burn as many as gallons every single hour.

Yes, this is a lot of gas, but you have to feed those horses! Surprisingly, this model is still powered with a two-stroke, cc, 2-cylinder engine, so you have to mix the gas and the oil before you put in in a tank.

The fuel consumption of each Yamaha WaveRunner depends on several factors. The rule of thumb is that higher performance requires more gas, so this means the entry level WaveRunners use around gallons, while the most powerful supercharged WaveRunners can use gallons of gas per hour. But again, these numbers depend on many factors like your speed, riding style, or even the weather conditions. Jet Ski vs. Sea-Doo vs. WaveRunner Horsepower Chart []. Last Updated on May 28th, As gas prices have constantly grown over the years, many owners and buyers pay attention to the Yamaha WaveRunner fuel consumptions specs.Leave the vacuum line that leads to the intake manifold, and disconnect that at the engine side.

Signs of Bad Gasoline or Fuel Filter in an Outboard

Fix is simple. Brand Hi all-- I just picked up an older Yamaha Waverunner only has about hrs on itbut it has a slight problem: If it happens to sit for over 3 or 4 hours it becomes hard to start. Fuel Injector Screen. It's to diagnose the problem, per hour labor, 7. The amount of fuel is always limited to the pressure or pumping value of the crankcase. It is impossible to create too much pressure with a pulse pump for the carburetors float level.

Need help with fuel pump. I talked to one boat dealer and he told me to take to fuel pump off and just drop it. Problems with NEW Yamaha waverunners. If your ski has sat for a while or even not the needle and seat in the carb may be sticking.

I'm not getting fuel to the carb on my waverunner 3.

Yamaha fuel pump test

If your engine is fuel injected, you have to check the fuel pump, as it's also prone to failure. So we installed the new ones, put the Yammy on the earmuffs, and it sounded pretty good, I gotta say. Yamaha Oem Fuel. Page 91 1. I have never done before so I thought it was easy. My fuel pump went out this past Friday.

What happens is the carbs have rubber diaphragms in them that act as a A pulse fuel pump has its own limitations. Good to see they have the seals to fit all Yamaha 2-Stroke pumps. Try an in-line primer bulb as a temporary test to eliminate this possibility. Free shipping on many items Browse your favorite brands affordable prices. Takes about 2. In addition, it has a loader top entry grille and a 40mm pump extension for more versatile handling and performance. Despite this variety in different Waverunner models, Yamaha offers similar troubleshooting tips for all of its jet skis.

If the fuel pump doesn't move fuel like it should, the carbs will remain dry. The electric fuel pump kit is intended primarily for the twin-engine jet-boats Yamaha and Sea Doohowever it could be used on any pwc with a strong charging system as well. See all vehicles this product fits. Add to that the weight of a single rider, a half-tank of fuel and 5 pounds of gear, the FZR tipped the scales at 1, lbs. Engine malfunctions.


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