Gm pcm tuning

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Gm pcm tuning

Technically, any computer that meets the minimum requirements can be used, as long as you can get it to the car. Hauling your desktop into the garage may not be practical, so consider picking up a laptop new or used will do.

LT1 411 LS1 pcm swap part 8 Tuning GM pcm with HP Tuners

Tablet-type laptops are the best for programming. The first step in programming is to shut off all screen saver and power management functions. With the mouse in a clear spot on the desktop, "right click" the mouse and select "properties. Once you're done programming, you can reset to your normal screen saver and power management settings.

The new keyless ignition system on C6 Corvettes will make the connection process somewhat of a challenge. The ignition must be "on" with the engine "not running" to enable reading and programming. We moved the shifter to neutral and cycled the switch until the display called for pressing the brake to start the engine. Ten seconds after reaching this mode, we were able to initiate the program.

You'll need to read and tune separate files for each. TCM file editing is split into two main sections. The Transmission Calibration section encompasses the majority of trans functions. The Transmission Diagnostic section, not active in our early version of LS2-edit, will eventually house the tranny-related DTC codes and self-testing toggles. Flash tuners are all the rage now.

After the evaporation of ECM "chips" from the OEs' offerings aroundit took a solid 10 years or so for the PCM re-flashing business to evolve into the reliable and fairly optioned market it is today.

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Carputing partners, Ken Kelly and Dave Hempstead, have been two of the pioneering forces that have consistently led the pack along the way.

Carputing got its start back inwhen principals Ken and Dave met each other through a chance virtual dialog jawing about LT1 transplants on an Internet message board. Ken, a year veteran of cellular research at Bell Labs, was dropping an LT1 powertrain into a Ford roadster and Dave was installing an LT1 in his Ford roadster. The duo, armed with a combined 56 years of professional electronics and computer experience, quickly realized they could "build a better mousetrap. Enter LT1-edit.

It didn't take long for the word to spread about LT1-edit and with that came the demands for a similar LS1-based tuner package. Carputing responded with the first flash tuner available to the masses for reprogramming the LS1 PCM.

LS2-edit, or 'Edit for short, is based on the same familiar LS1-edit architecture.Quality, honesty and communication are the pillars on which our family owned and operated business was built, and continues to operate on today. Dyno tuning, mail order tuning - take advantage of our years of experience and let us handle your tuning. We get the most out of your setup, safely, with an emphasis on great driveability.

Tune Info. Shop Now! Whether your car is all stock or already modified, we can help you take it to the next level. Bolt-ons, cam installs, superchargers, turbos, wiring, nitrous, engines, carb to EFI swaps Our Services.

It is common for folks to make the mistake of crossing oxygen sensors when reinstalling during For common remote tuning questions, click HERE. Otherwise, check out our video and graphic belo Tuning is processing normally, most parts orders are as well with minimal delays. Check out our complete line of GM Performance Parts. Shop Now. Featured Products. Sign up to get news, coupon codes, and special subscriber-only offers and information!

A Few Brands We Carry. Customer Reviews. Ronnie Jacobs.These early ECMs are a batch-fire system, meaning that injectors are not controlled individually or sequentially. Since the TPI Camaro, Firebird, and Corvette were equipped with either a manual transmission or R4 automatic transmission, the only electronic control related to transmissions is R4 torque converter lockup.

Due to limited calibration capabilities, these ECMs are not well suited for forced induction and high-horsepower engines. Despite the limitations, many continue to use these ECMs for most basic multi-port fuel injection engine installations.

The Corvette introduced the LT1 engine and a new ECM that requires high- and low-resolution signals from within the distributor. In the 4LE transmission was a big leap forward in technology and requires the use of a PCM that handles both engine and transmission control.

The PCMs are desirable to the LT1 owner because they allow for custom transmission programming to adjust shift behavior. The OBD-II implementation in added a four-tooth crankshaft reluctor and crankshaft position CKP sensor within the engine timing cover for misfire detection. All Corvette TPI engines use a large-cap distributor with coil on top not shown. The Vortec 4. The traditional HEI pickup was left behind and replaced with a CKP sensor that determined crankshaft position and was used for misfire detection.

From within the timing cover, all Vortec 4. With no coil drivers, these early PCMs support only single coil and distributor ignition. Not unlike the preceding PCMs, the Gen III PCMs were used to control and monitor the engine, transmission, emissions equipment, electric fans, charging system, and air conditioning system. This PCM GM was used with the Corvette and was configured for electronic, drive-by-wire, throttle control. The PCM monitors the pulse crankshaft signal to determine when to fire ignition coils and injectors.

Early small block and big-block Chevy engines do not produce this pulse crankshaft signal. It shares the same wire harness connectors as all other, newer, kb PCMs but it is pinned very differently. While the โ€” PCMs are interchangeable with the โ€” versions, the s incorporate a few important changes.

The โ€” PCMs left use connectors with blue and red retainers, while the newer PCMs right use connectors with blue and green retainers. The red and green retainers are keyed differently. Notice the difference at the rear corner of these two PCMs. Pay close attention to GM service numbers to be sure you have a PCM that works with your throttle type.

These PCMs are not interchangeable and the wire harness was pinned differently. The full-size trucks were available with the 4. The Corvette continued to use an electronic throttle body, the Camaro and Firebird used a cable throttle body, and the trucks were available with either a cable or an electronic throttle body.

The electronic throttle systems required a throttle actuator control TAC module, a small black module that communicates with the PCM to control the throttle body and cruise control system. The electronic throttle body and TAC module was different between Corvette and trucks. With the exception of the Corvette, this PCM was used through This PCM is considered the most desirable because of its versatility.

General Motors released these PCMs with calibrations that support V-8 one-coil-per-cylinder ignition 24x crank signal onlyV-8 single coil and distributor ignition 4x crank signal onlyand V-6 single coil and distributor ignition 3x crank signal only. While this PCM was used with both cable and electronic throttle systems, electronic throttle is not available for engines with single coil and distributor ignition systems because General Motors never released such a configuration.

General Motors released several different hardware numbers to identify the 1-mb Gen III PCMs, but any of them can be used with an engine equipped with a 24x crank signal.Remember Me? What's New? Results 1 to 6 of 6. Thread: tuning the Vortec blackbox pcm advice. Thread Tools Show Printable Version. I'm pretty technical and perform all my own work and trying to get into tuning my vehicles now. Also has an LT4 Hotcam and 1.

gm pcm tuning

Headers, cold air intake, electric fans. I've been working on the transmission tuning and idle and it's better than stock. I haven't touched the airflow and VE tables yet as I don't even know where to begin. I have advanced the timing some too as I'm sure I'll be running premium gas in it but I would love to stick midgrade in it if possible.

I would like to know what changing the other tables would do to it. What range should I be looking for? Also, haven't used the scanner much yet but I'm sure it would help. There also isn't any help in the repository of tunes when it comes to the blackbox PCM. Others have swapped the PCM but I really don't want to go that route.

I'll put a carb on it b4 I swap the PCM. Here is my current version of the tune I'm running right now. It cranks well when cold. Have to pat the gas sometimes when it is warm before it idles fine then. Also doesn't pull well at light and part throttle. Heavy throttle does well over rpm or so till it shifts at rpm. Use your scanner learn it and make it work for you not against you. Biggest downfall with black box is lack of tunable parameters and rpm rev limiter.

Do you have a wideband hooked up? With that cam I would be spinning that engine higher.

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Pushing that limit. Especially shifting 1- 2. What should I be looking for on the scanner? Keep in mind, I'm a total nube when it comes to software tuning myself. As easily as I can put it if your engine has a sensor on it then log data for said sensors for example map, maf, knock sensors, injectors, narrowband o2 sensors make sure you have at minimum these in your channels list for ignition data you will log cylinder airmass.

Im on my phone so at the moment i can't post a channels list. Kismet, right? All times are GMT The time now is AM.The purpose of this article is to provide some initial exposure to OBD-II tuning and the capabilities and state of the technology as it stands today. It is by no means complete. There are several Internet articles that discuss this tuning in far more detail than can possibly be provided here.

There are many aftermarket hand-held programmers that enable the installation of generic performance tuning and change some simple operating parameters tire size, gear ratio, fan temperature, etc. But for about the same price, you can obtain a package that enables your own custom tuning for more power and alteration of operational parameters far beyond the capabilities of the hand-held programmer.

In essence, these packages provide you with the ultimate control of your vehicle's powertrain control module PCM.


Understand that you do this at your own risk. If the programming is done incorrectly you can impact emissions perhaps violating local emissions lawsdo serious damage to your engine, and possibly harm yourself and bystanders. VCM Suite Pro is designed for the home enthusiast, as well as the professional tuner.

gm pcm tuning

HP Tuners software allows you to change the entries of your PCM's tables to improve the performance of your vehicle. In this article we'll focus on changing your wide-open throttle WOT performance to avoid any changes to the vehicle's emissions during part-throttle. The HP package has many advantages.

gm pcm tuning

The PCM contains various switches, constants, and tables that control operation of the engine, transmission, and other aspects of the powertrain. Also, read the entire help file that comes with HP Tuners because it provides a thorough tuning overview. Tuning Basics We will discuss tuning in three parts: general fuel system adjusting, power enrichment, and timing. It is preferable that you perform tuning in the order of these parts.

To maximize the power increase, you'll need to use premium gas to minimize knock.

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Always save your progression of work so you can review it if you have to and keep notes on the changes you make. The PCM adjusts the fuel-injector pulses based on the values fuel trims it has learned. The engine is divided in half, and there are trims for both sides of it referred to as "bank 1" and "bank 2. The fuel trims are arranged in a table by engine rpm and manifold absolute pressure MAP. The table is further subdivided into cells that comprise a range of rpm and MAP values.

You will most likely never operate your engine in all of the cells. The first goal is to rough-in the fuel correction to get the LTrims close to zero. How close? First, you are going to use the VCM Scanner tool. Drive the vehicle, and you'll see this histogram filling up. The goal is to obtain a general feel for your average LTrim value. So try scaling the entire MAF table by 1. The Flow Rate vs. Plug the interface cable into the vehicle and laptop. Put the key in the ignition and turn it to the "on" position, but don't start the engine.

Make sure the doors are closed and accessories are turned off. Wait 10 to 15 seconds. Select the file you just saved to write to the PCM.ECS is one of the premier LSx tuners in the country. So, whatever your combination is, we can help get your car dialed in! State of the art technology gives ECS a substantial edge.

We use the latest tuning software from EFI Live and HP tuners to dial your vehicle in so it has a steady idle, crisp throttle response, and yields greater power and torque across the entire RPM range. We invested heavily in a one of the most unique and technically sophisticated chassis dynos available, the DynaPack. Our Dynapack is a true load-brake dyno - just like the best engine dynos. Since we have real hydraulic load brakes, we allow you to perform tests that simple inertia-dynos are incapable of.

This provides unprecedented control over the vehicle with a precision that has to be seen to be believed. The modular design of our Dynapack also means it is portable and transported to major shows and car gatherings around the country. Call the shop to find out more about having ECS tune on-site at your car show or event!

Every ECS performance package includes tuning to ensure your car performs the way it should. Pricing may vary if your car requires additional work, repair or modifications to ensure proper calibration. All cars coming in for tuning should be sound and properly set up to be able to handle the loads that dyno testing applies. Please note all Forced Induction Speed Density cars will need the proper MAP sensor installed for the application This is additional to the above pricing.

Live half way across the county, or across the globe but still want an ECS tune?

ZZP 3800 1.0 PCM

No Problem. ECS offers mail order tunes at reasonable pricing. Given our vast experience tuning thousands of unique combinations, ECS can tweak your tune to fit your bolt on modifications quickly and easily. ECS will use EFI Live software to recalibrate your pcm on our bench to correct idle and driveabily issues, correct check engine lights and, best of all, help you get the most from your modifications so your car runs smoother, shifts quicker and performs at its peak.

Pricing includes ground shipping back to your location. Expedited shipping is available at additional cost. PCM Tuning. ECS Tune Pricing. Mail Order Tuning. Connect with us. In-House Tuning. Handheld Tuners. Tuning Software.GM Programming. Allison TCMs. Welcome to our GM programming page.

Pre-LML 6. Your ECU or ours, professionally programmed to your specific requirements and modifications at a competitive price. Sincewe have programmed s of ECUs for satisfied customers. Change VIN. Disable VATS. Change RPM or speed limiters. Speedometer correction for axle ratio or tire changes. Premium or regular octane programming. Change fan turn-on temp settings. Remap shift patterns for performance or towing.

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Remap shift pressures for firmer shifts. Modify TCC lockup speeds for performance or towing. Program for high stall TC. Switch automatic to manual transmission or vice versa. Compensate for displacement changes.

Adjust for different fuel injectors. Adjust for larger throttle body. Program for cam changes. Remove or modify torque management. Nitrous, forced induction, etc Advanced programming options segment swaps, stealth tunes, etc. To ask any questions or place orders please email Alex at. Please include your VIN if applicable in your email as this makes it easier and faster to answer your questions. Please look carefully over the info on this page 1st, since the answers to many questions pricing, turnaround, can we program for X, Y, Z, etc are already here.

We do not sell the software. Fill it out and save using Adobe Reader. Email us the completed form and we will send you a Paypal request. We will send you a PayPal request after we receive your package. Our mailing address is on the form and below. Or we can adjust the program for free if you so choose. Program Updates :.


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